Many of our clients have shared their expericences with us.  Please view what they had to say in the following testimonials.

“I was originally inspired by your course- Art and Science of Trails, and I want to thank you for that inspiration.  We now have 14 new miles (22 total miles) of single track right next to town.  We will be promoting the project next spring after I get signage, fencing, etc… in place.”
Thanks You!
Joel Rathje- Planner/Trails Coordinator Lassen County CA

“The Lower Cadillac faired very well after the tropical storm dumped 20" of rain.”
Chuck Goodheart- City of Tallahassee Fl- Parks and Recreation

“I wanted to thank you again for the trail workshop you presented on Saturday (05/03) at Warren Wilson. Saturday was a real eye-opener for me.  I learned a ton of new techniques, and I now have a much clearer understanding of everything that needs to be considered when trying to build a sustainable trail.  You obviously have such a passion for this subject, and that really comes across in your presentation.  It was a pleasure to listen to your ideas and experience. “
Jason King

“Thanks again for the awesome training.”
Crystal Stotler- Civil Engineer Technician Pike and San Isabel National Forests

“Your folks did a terrific job.  The new segment looks great--better than I
David Shi- President Furman University

“A friend and I went to Buffalo Mountain Nature Preserve a couple of days ago (in Floyd County, VA), which was our first visit there in over a year.  We LOVED the new trail you constructed's far superior to the old one.  We also appreciated the other additions to the place (the benches and other carvings) Cheers!”
Addison Dalton- Blacksburg VA

“I can tell you on their last trip to visit us they would not have made it to the dock without the trail.  At 86 & 83 the climb up the old path is just too strenuous.  All this said, I cannot tell you how much we appreciate the terrific job you & your team did for us.  It has so improved the quality of family time at the lake/dock.  No one has to stay at the house & miss all the memories being made on the dock!!!!  Hope all is well with you & yours!  Thanks again.  Having the trail put in was not only helpful but fun to watch (you all are so professional & have such a terrific attitude about your projects).”
Hal and Sandy Henderson- Lake Keowee SC

"Charlotte Latin School has benefited greatly from the vision and professional skill provided by Trail Dynamics. Woody, Chuck, and their crew transformed a neglected trail system in a pocket forest on our campus into a spectacular greenway for use by our cross country team, science classes and the entire school community. We are thoroughly pleased with their work."
Mike Weiss- Cross Country and Track Coach Charlotte Latin School

“Thanks to you and your team for another wonderful project that adds immeasurably to the value of our development.  You guys are great to work with and your professionalism is unmatched in your field.  Everyone we tour on the property is so impressed with 'our' trail system and it makes a real difference in their buying decision.  Thanks again for your vision, design and construction of a wonderful, natural amenity for our customers.”
From the Pinnacle Falls Team
A.J. Ball- General Manager Pinnacle Falls Development

“My wife and I are fortunate enough to have a large and beautiful natural canvas located on the shore of Lake Keowee.  With a small lake house built in the middle, the big question: what do we do with the rest.  As we live in The Cliffs, with a focus on wellness, we thought that adding a walking / hiking trail around the property would be a good idea.  Our Asheville-based architect strongly recommended inviting Trail Dynamics to meet with us, understand our vision, and study the land.  Working directly with Woody, it was clear, instantaneously, that he and Trail Dynamics “got it.”  Woody’s knowledge and experience, processes, and attention detail were only improved through his appreciation for our land.  Before the project began, Woody assured us that the “trail” would look like it had been there for ever…and it does!  Building a house are arduous tasks…many sub-contractors make it a chore; Trail Dynamics was a wonderful partner!  We highly recommend them.  Cathy and I are so very thrilled with your vision and efforts…the trails are the crown jewels of our lake cottage…thank you for making it a reality!”
Peter Rogers- Lake Keowee SC

“Thanks so much for the excellent workshop “The Art and Science of Trails”  at ESRU.  You got outrageous reviews -- stuff like 'best USFS training ever.'
Duke Rankin- US Forest Service

“I wanted to thank you for the wonderful report, it was very helpful and will guide us in our trail development.”
Brian Frarley- Design Workshop

“I had been hearing some really nice comments about the work done by Trail Dynamics on the Jim Branch trail.  Last Saturday I went to take a look at it for myself.  Nice is not the word I would use.  Magnificent is a little closer to the mark.  It is what I wish all the single tread trails in DuPont were like.  you have really done a fantastic job on the reroute.  I am sure that all the equestrians and the bikers will love it, and I can say that it is an absolute joy to walk on.  The FODF certainly gets so much more than we pay for in terms of design and creativity when you do such work.  I for one truly appreciate the effort that Trail Dynamics puts into the work it does up at DuPont, and just wanted to personally say Thanks.”
Take care
Jim Plick- Friends of DuPont Forest Board of Directors

“Walked the trail today and caught up with Woody and the TD crew. Looks great. They are doing a fantastic job.”
Julian A. Reed, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor
Health and Exercise Science
Furman University

”I am still totally impressed by the great trail work you and your crew do.
On the stream fords you planned ahead, collected suitable material and
stockpiled it so you could move faster and to me, do a better job.  The
stream ford at 1+44 will now be able to carry huge amounts of water vs the
old culvert, should be there 'forever' because you used the correct size
stone for the rock dam, and will need very little maintenance.  You also
took the necessary precautions to minimize construction impact on the
All this to say:  Ya'll do great work.”
Jay A. Chapman, EIT
NC Storm Recovery Team
US Forest Service

“It was nice to meet you and I really enjoyed your workshop.  It was the most comprehensive overview of trail management I could ever imagine.”
Aaron J. Lowe
Oahu Trails & Access Specialist
Department of Land & Natural Resources
Oahu Division of Forestry & Wildlife

“I just wanted to send you a note and say thanks for the comp on the Art & Science portion of the PTBA Conference. Eric and I learned a great deal about state of the art design for trails.”
Kent Howes- President Central Oregon Trails Alliance

“Just wanted to thank you for all your help and incites into the trail building
I know that I spoke to you after your session on The Importance of Trails,
but again I would like to thank you for such an inspiring session. Your
passion for trails is obvious, I know that you instilled it into all that
thanks again”
Bill Goulding
Sustainable Trails
Port Perry, Ontario

“I wanted to say I greatly enjoyed the workshop at Camp Greenville last week and I now look at trails in a whole new way. Instead of complaining about the conditions of trails, i now have the knowledge and skills to improve and maintain them.
Liz Hockwater
Mountain Trail Outdoor School Instructor

“At your encouragement I took a walk on the new & improved nature trail last week with a bunch of the neighborhood kids and I was impressed with the work. The conditions are much improved, on both the aesthetic and safety aspects. I know I speak for about 10 kids (including me) who are happy to have the trail fully restored and better than ever.”
Bill Berry
Weddington Brook HOA

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